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Goobi Advanced Pack (104)

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Advanced Pack
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Creative Zone LLC

Package Quantity: 104

01040 is the part number for this excellent Architecture Lego kit. One of the several key features for these Legos is the goobi advancedpack (104 pcs), contains 56 magnetic bars, 32 iron balls and 16 tripods. Online deals for Advanced Pack . Should you need a great deal for this Lego set, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.

ADVANCEDPack Goobi® Magnetic Construction Sets are developed with high quality materials and workmanship. ADVANCEDPack is obtainable in an assortment of 7 Rainbow colors. The innovative Goobi® Tripod adds a new dimension to magnetic construction toys. It allows the builder to make rigid cubical structures; adding tremendous stability to the creations, and exponentially increasing the design possibilities. Goobi® ADVANCEDPack (104 pcs) , contains 56 magnetic bars, 32 iron balls and 16 tripods.


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