Nanoblock Architecture NBH-008 - Taj Mahal

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Architecture NBH008
Nanoblock Architecture NBH008 Taj Mahal Image 1

Ohio Art

Developing has not been more fulfilling with Architecture NBH-008 . A summary of feature attributes include level 2, looks nice next to your computer!, world's smallest block and made in japan. NAN-NBH008 is the model number for this item. Searching for Architecture NBH-008 , select the hyperlink below.

Hold the majesty in the Taj Mahal inside the palm of your hand with the Nanoblock Taj Mahal building set. Recommended for kids age eight years and older, Nanoblock sets are not only fun to build, but in addition make a great display piece on your desk or mantle when completed. Constructed with a lot more than 420 individual blocks, this set uses miniature pieces for a beautifully detailed final product.


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