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Nanoblock Architecture - Himeji Castle (non-lego) - 2253 Pieces

Nanoblock Architecture5 Star Rating
Nanoblock ArchitectureNanoblock Architecture Himeji Castle nonlego 2253 Pieces Image 1Nanoblock Architecture Himeji Castle nonlego 2253 Pieces Image 2Nanoblock Architecture Himeji Castle nonlego 2253 Pieces Image 3
Great Deal On Nanoblock Architecture From Kawata

Children love a Nanoblock Architecture a great Architecture Lego kit made by Kawata. A list of features are unisex and age: b&gt 12 years. Great deal on Nanoblock Architecture . To get the best offer on this Lego kit together with other Architecture Lego sets, visit our affilate button below.

nanoblock architecture himeji castle non-lego pieces

Price: $55.47

Full Description

The national treasure by"Doyusha"supervised"Himeji Castle ". It really is the biggest characteristic it is attainable to generate in to a tiny element that could not be reproduced using a typical block size by taking advantage of the smallness of the parts, and be capable of make an cute smaller work. The national treasure by precise detail Corporation Doyusha supervision to reproduce inside the block"Himeji Castle ". I reproduce the exquisite detailing in space of 160 x 160mm only. -Please try a new hobby precise material full of Japanese production only. , The form could be a block of ordinary complete new hobby items that might be immersed in an adult. -Size is inherited all the features possessed by the diamond block even half, function is not inferior at all. I have reproduced the exquisite detailing inside the space just 160x160mm. It is utilizing the manual in the kind of a tiny book. Kawada diamond block to deliver, mini block size of the surprise [Features]"nanoblock (nano block)"is. [Usage]"nanoblock Himeji Castle"is the establishing from the royal road from the construction toy that could be carried out that could be using this mini block. - Its size in the mini size of the raised dot that one 4mm small, half the size of the diamond block traditional.

  • Age: b> 12 years
  • Unisex
  • The national treasure by "Doyusha" supervised "Himeji Castle". I reproduce the exquisite detailing of the space 160x160mm only.
  • Qty: 1
  • Package Dim.: Height: 2.76" Length: 16.85" Depth: 8.35"
  • Package Weight: 1.94 lbs. Nanoblock Architecture

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