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Girder And Panel School Building Set

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School Building Set
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Girder and Panel

To start off, keep in mind that you may get an awesome gift for kids without spending a lot Take a bit of extra time and you'll find exactly you intend to buy for kids at the suitable value. Brand new School Building Set . To get the product now at the best price, check out the add to shopping cart button on this site.

Build an elementary school with this Girder and Panel building set! Designed creating use of red brick walls with large transparent windows, green school doors, and black columns and beams. Build cantilever sections to create open walkways, patios, and basketball courts. Includes a 12-page full-color instruction book, colorful signs and flags, and brand new panels to make patios and balconies. Models created with this set stand between 10"and 18"tall, depending on your design. All Girder and Panel building sets are interchangeable. Collect several and develop a small city! This large set has lots of pieces allowing the builder flexibility to design and build many different structures.


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