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Lego Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal ***rare***

Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal rare5 Star Rating
Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal rare
How To Buy The Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal Rare By Lego

Would you like to get hold of a Lego set? Sculpture Exclusives is an increadibly fun Lego kit! How to buy the Sculpture Exclusives . To see the great price I found, click on the shopping cart add to cart button.

lego sculpture exclusives mahal rare build

Price: $4,979.88
Brand: LEGO

Full Description

Build the breathtaking Taj Mahal! With more than 5,900 pieces, the Taj Mahal makes an awesome addition to any LEGO collection! The famous Taj Mahal jewel of India is known all over the globe for its incredible beauty and elegance. Designed for experienced builders, the LEGO Taj Mahal model capabilities advanced building techniques, uncommon components and colors, and realistic details of architecture. Measures more than 20"wide and more than 16"tall Now you can recreate this modern wonder of the globe for yourself! LEGO Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal Model 10189 contains 5,922 LEGO components and features: Amazingly detailed model features the base, minarets, domes, finials, arches and stairs in the front Assembles in 3 sections for easier transportation The most elements ever featured in one set! Sculpture Exclusives Taj Mahal rare

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